I Want to Become A Socialite

Published on 14 September 2022 at 15:00

Ever since watching shows/movies like GG, Sex and the City, The Women and any Kardashian related content, I've wanted to become a socialite. But how was I going to climb this social ladder?

I've never been the type to disadvantage other for my own gain, but you are able to climb a ladder without hurting anyone else. And after watching Gossip Girl for the 3rd time, I was convinced on becoming a socialite. 

No not an influencer, a socialite! 

You know the person that gets asked to all the fashion/lifestyle events without having to post about it on social media. Those "friends" you always see around celebrities but never really know what they do for a living.


Yes one of those people.

Because after following and obsessively researching different socialites I realized they actually do work very hard. They are mostly fashion or art students who have a broad network and spend a lot of time in keeping their career related relationships healthy. 

These people spend their time, money and effort in their own brand. 

The brand that is themselves. Expressing their own style, their morals and beliefs and how they represent themselves. So, after getting many shocked reactions on how my social media is a clear representation of who I truly am. I decided to put work and effort into making myself a brand, and not in the overindulging way. But in a very subtle way, highlighting different parts of my life. The ones that I never really documented or created content about. 

However, becoming a socialite is more about the behind the scenes work. Going to events alone and connecting with people, applying for jobs and internships with companies and people that share your basic values and actually putting in the work. I had to learn to show up on time, do what is asked from me and put a smile on my face. 

Additionally, it is also maintaining any relationships you might have. As a socialite, mixing business with pleasure is your main goal, do keep personal details to yourself. And if you do, share your information wisely. You don't want people to talk down on you with the fuel that you fed them. But you are for sure being talked about, so a thick skin is mandatory.

And with that thick skin comes a great deal of confidence, because you should be able to handle criticism that has nothing to do with you. And grasp every opportunity that comes your way. 

Is a friend asking you to join them at an event in another city? Go!

Does someone need the support at an event that focusses on your interests? Go!

Does someone ask you to cat sit, organize their closet or do a little personal shopping? Take up the opportunity and learn from it, add it to your resume. 

Become the friend with a community, who is always seen in the pictures and also on the payroll. Be invited to events, not just because of your following base, but also because brands value your honest opinion and want you to contribute your skills to the company, other than online marketing. 

Develop your skill set and increase your task list. All while focussing on looking and feeling good. Travel around the world, experience life and enjoy it. 

That's what being a socialite means to me!

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