Manifest Like You're Still that Creative Little Kid

Published on 17 February 2023 at 18:00

How I still manifest like my childish self...

At a very young age I was aware of manifestation and how I was able to do it. However I always kept it a secret because I often felt like others weren't living in the same dimension as I was. People would often make fun of me for thinking differently and being opinionated. They would either try to intimidate or oppress me which led to me keeping almost every dream to myself. Because the more it seemed unattainable, the more I'd keep it to myself.

There are a few things I've achieved and bot spent enough time celebrating these wins. As a child/teenager I used to pretend I would receive my award for outstanding performance at some random film festival. I would thank my entire family and be ecstatic by the crowds reaction. 

The same feeling goes for being in VOGUE, I loved buying magazines and scrolling through them and enjoying it to the fullest. 

Needless to say, these dreams were intertwined and I only found out after I had achieved both. I was cast for an amazing film for the 2022 Venice Biannual and the film changed many lives, including my own. 

With this film, an editor at VOGUE UK decided to publish an article about how female bodies are taking over the art world. Featuring a photo of the work that I actively co-created. 

I never knew how I was going to achieve these goals, but by the age of 21 I did both and much more. It was never about how I was going to do it, it was about the feeling I got from thinking about accomplishing it. 

It was never about how it should have been done, but why instead. An when I say yes to my many adventures, I never expect anything anymore, I take it day by day and lead with love. 

Manifesting is not about constantly thinking about what you want, it is about what you're feeling when you think about what you want. It is a very natural process and comes easy to children, because they are unbothered about the POSSIBLE consequences. As should adults, be unbothered about the consequences any event might have, many things can coëxsist in our universe. Dream freely, without limits. Be childish, not childlike. Draw out your dreams, create with your body, write them down, visualize them, act them out, express yourself as you would at 6 years old. 

No matter what you might want in life, anything is possible and will not pass you by. Dream and surrender, sometimes you just have to exist in order to be happy. Happiness eventually brings you your deepest desires without any strings attached. 

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