Let's talk about sex

Published on 19 August 2021 at 13:02

If you know me from Instagram or in real life, you know I love to talk about SEX. I talk about the act itself, sexual hygiene or sensuality and spirituality.

From a very young age I started doing research on what sex actually meant from women, after years when I started having sex, I noticed how much doing research helped me. I knew more than most of my peers or even people with more sexual experience and decided to share this information on Snapchat (back then) and Instagram.

As a young woman I received positive, uplifting reactions but also very negative, sexist and misogynistic responses. 

When I recognized my own sexual traumas/abuse, I became more aware of what place in society sex truly holds. After two years I even decided to become celibate, so research on sex became a very regular act for me. I researched menstruation cycles, fetishes, adult content, sex-workers and more.

Now I research and talk about sex regarding women, the queer community and men. This division of the website is dedicated to everything I find interesting, intriguing, valuable or enjoyable about S E X.

Let’s talk about it!

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